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Save energy

Le système vous fera économiser jusqu'à plus de 30% de vos dépenses énergétiques liées à l'eau chaude sanitaire



With , optimize your new buildings with a product which grants 4 to 7 kWh/m²/year in regards to EPBD(Energy Performance Buildings Directive) in Europe.


Renewable Energy

is a renewable energy, which comply with requirements from EPBD.

Compare solutions

We use the case of a standard 4 person family housing

Geothermal heat pump Thermodynamic boiler Thermal solar panel E
Product cost 15 000€ - 25 000€ 3000€ - 4000€ 4000€ **820€
Installation cost 6000€ 900€ 1300€ **50€
Reduced size
Acceptable noise level Average Low Excellent Excellent
Maintenance 6 months 2 years 2 - 5 years None
Location independence
Ease of implementation Low Low Low Excellent
Payback period 10 years 10 years 15 years 3 years
Source : Ademe 2013, 2016 (French energy agency)

Why choose ?

The hot water represents one of the biggest part of energy consumption in houses though it is used very quickly. A single drop from a shower is used for barely 3 seconds before being evacuated in the sewer.

system is an ultra compact system, which fit under your shower tray. It preheats your cold water from your drain water, saving you hot water and therefore money.

is different from other renewable energy solutions because it is simple, which makes it affordable and universal. is in fact adapted to apartments, where other solutions needs a space which is often not compatible with their size.

efficiency is independent from his location, it will show the same performances all year long as it is not impacted by cloudy weather and cold climate

Maintenance ?

Thanks to a patented innovation, don't need any maintenance in normal using. is using a self-cleaning principle which has been proven efficient against fouling in the sewer. Due to it's unique design no water is allowed to stagnates in the system. Our new self-cleaning surface avoid fouling that leads in reducing thermal transfer or blockages.

Thanks to its robust aluminium design has a 10 years lifespan, which is the same as your shower tray. It's a sustainable solution.

Suitable for renovation

During your next bathroom renovation, think of ! Indeed, his small size fits perfectly under most of shower trays, where space already exists for adjustable legs or shower waste. Thus in most cases, you will not need additional space or to lift up your shower tray.

se place sous les receveurs dont les dimensions minimales sont de 80cm par 80cm. Sa hauteur est de 71mm sans pieds de réglages, vous pouvez en savoir plus sur son installation en cliquant sur le lien suivant. Install Ekô

A smart choice for new dwellings

If you are a public housing company, real estate developer, building consultant or architect, think of for EPBD compliance. Not only you will benefit from a simple system that provides you up to 7 kWhEP/m²/anfor a competitive price, but these kWh are provided as renewable energy.

EPCs, BEPOS, ... all are regulations or certificates that will help you to fulfill, don't hesitate to contact us for more informations.